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In the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Stimes stands out as a trailblazer in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) or Manpower Management ERP. Our software is gaining worldwide acclaim for its unparalleled ability to streamline the intricate management of human capital within organizations, setting new standards in efficiency and effectiveness. It can routinely maintain a complete database of employees including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of your employees. Stimes offers the most advanced Manpower Management ERP software to optimize and utilize the expertise of all your employees. Our software effectively integrates human resource management with Information technology.

Top Manpower ERP Solution

Maximize your workforce’s potential with our Manpower Solutions. We understand the critical role human capital plays in your success.

Industry Expertise

Having an in-depth comprehension of diverse industries, we contribute specialized knowledge to your projects. Regardless of whether your focus is on manufacturing, retail, or services, we possess the proficiency to enhance and uplift your business.

Proven Track Record

Join our satisfied clients who have seen real improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and overall business performance with our ERP solutions.

Dedicated Support

We’re dedicated to more than just initial setup. Enjoy continuous support and training to get the most out of our ERP software and Manpower Solutions.

Stimes is your premier ERP solution provider with a rich history of delivering exceptional trading services to the top 20 companies for the past 8 years. Stimes has been a trusted partner in the achievements of many of the top businesses. Our reputation as trustworthy in the ERP industry has been built on our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

We realize that a highly skilled workforce is essential to the success of any company. As a result, we carefully match the appropriate talent with our clients’ unique needs, boosting the general effectiveness and productivity of their businesses. With the leading manpower ERP software solutions, let you deploy and manage the best tech talents. We provide the sharpest and most knowledgeable recruitment solution to capture the ideal position in the market. We, one of the top manpower ERP companies, successfully build and scale the impressive team under each specialization by understanding the caliber, prospects, and attitude to stand out among the rest.

Our ERP Features

Manpower Management Software

Best Manpower Erp Solution

Unlimited Customization

Bespoke advanced and revolutionary enterprise application customisable to suit the changing needs of the businesses.

Unlimited Users

Scalable software for all industries. Grow your business without limits. Efficient, cost-effective, with dedicated support.

Use the latest technology

We adopt industry best practices to streamline the ERP software development in best-suit modules.

100+ customized reports

To utilise the full potential our extended services efficiently handle the report preparation as well.

The Best Customer Support

We provide continuous technical support to the businesses through Stimes ERP solution saving valuable time.

Client Retention Rate

Encompassing ERP service provider trusted by global businesses for efficiency and customer delight.

Software Development Life Cycle Flow for Stimes Manpower Management ERP .

Requirement Analysis
  • Identify and document the specific needs and objectives of the organization.
  • Conduct interviews with stakeholders to gather insights into key functionalities and features required.
  • Define scope, constraints, and success criteria for the Manpower Management ERP software.
Feasibility Study
  • Assess the technical, operational, and economic feasibility of implementing the proposed software.
  • Evaluate potential risks and challenges associated with the development and implementation phases.
  • Present findings to stakeholders and obtain approval to proceed with the project.
  • Develop a detailed project proposal outlining the project scope, objectives, deliverables, timeline, and budget.
  • Present the proposal to key stakeholders for approval and secure the necessary resources.
System Analysis and Design (SAD)
  • Create a detailed system requirements document based on the gathered information.
  • Develop system architecture, data models, and design specifications.
  • Define user interfaces and system workflows.
  • Begin the actual coding and development of the Manpower Management ERP software.
  • Regularly update stakeholders on the progress and address any emerging issues.
  • Implement best coding practices and ensure code documentation for future maintenance.
Review & Update
  • Conduct regular reviews of the codebase to identify and address any bugs or performance issues.
  • Update the software based on feedback from internal testing and user reviews.
  • Ensure that the software aligns with evolving business needs and requirements.
Code Testing
  • Perform thorough testing of the developed code using various testing methodologies.
  • Identify and rectify any defects, ensuring the software meets quality standards.
  • Conduct unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Training
  • Engage end-users in UAT to validate that the software meets their expectations.
  • Provide comprehensive training sessions for end-users on how to effectively use the Manpower Management ERP software.
  • Gather feedback from users and make necessary adjustments.
  • Plan and execute the official launch of the Manpower Management ERP software.
  • Ensure a smooth transition from existing systems to the new solution.
  • Communicate the launch to all stakeholders and provide necessary support during the initial implementation phase.
  • Establish a dedicated support system to address user queries, issues, and concerns.
  • Monitor the software's performance in real-world scenarios and proactively address any issues.
  • Continuously improve and update the software based on user feedback and evolving business requirements.

Holistic HR Empowerment: Stimes HR Suite

Empower your HR processes with Stimes HR. Seamless onboarding, offboarding, performance management, and integrated features like leave management and salary tracking. Fostering a positive, productive work environment with employee self service (ESS).

In the fast-evolving landscapes of India, Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, Stimes stands as a beacon of innovation with its Manpower Management ERP software. Our solution, designed to seamlessly integrate financial and human resources modules through a unified database, is making waves by providing unparalleled flexibility and usability to businesses of all sizes and industries. In the realm of Human Resource Management, Stimes sets a new standard with its innovative Manpower Management ERP software. Our solution is designed to empower businesses with leading-edge systems, facilitating the seamless processing of applications and efficient data entry into relevant fields.


Efficient Application Processing

Stimes Manpower Management ERP boasts cutting-edge systems that redefine how applications are handled. From reading applications to entering pertinent data into applicable fields, our software ensures a streamlined and accurate approach to managing the influx of talent into your organization.

Strategic Position Management and Control

Our ERP software introduces specialized modules that play a pivotal role in notifying employers about position management and control. These modules offer a comprehensive solution for strategic decision-making, enabling organizations to optimize their workforce effectively.

Adaptable and Scalable Solution

Stimes Manpower Management ERP is not just an innovative solution; it is adaptable and scalable to meet the evolving needs of your business. As your organization grows, our software evolves with you, ensuring that you always have the tools and features necessary to navigate the dynamic landscape of HR management.

Holistic HR Management Activities

Stimes goes beyond the basics, providing a robust platform for essential HR activities. From the generation of paychecks and payroll reports to the meticulous maintenance of personal records and talent management, our software centralizes and simplifies critical processes for enhanced efficiency.

Flexible Data Collection for Cost Analysis

Stimes understands the importance of flexibility in data collection. Our ERP software provides an adaptable framework, facilitating the efficient analysis of all costs associated with HR activities. This flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor the software to meet their specific needs and reporting requirements.

Comprehensive Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

With Stimes, you gain more than just a tool – you gain a strategic partner. Our ERP software provides a comprehensive analysis of HR data, empowering organizations to make informed decisions that drive success and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Effortless Attendance Tracking

The daily task of attendance tracking becomes a breeze with Stimes Manpower Management ERP. Users can easily input and manage attendance data, ensuring precision and timeliness. This user-friendly feature minimizes administrative burdens, allowing organizations to focus on core business strategies.

Seamless Project Oversight: Stimes Project Management

Effortlessly oversee projects with Stimes Project Management. Track progress, allocate resources, and ensure timely completion. Your key to successful project outcomes, providing a clear path to excellence.

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