Emotional Intelligence & Family Health

Have you ever thought of an Emotional Safety Plan for your Family?

We plan for the uncertainty of a fire in our homes with smoke alarms and exit strategies.

But what about emotional fires? Every single one of us will be overcome with anger, fear or anxiety at some point. If you never knew you had a temper, your children will introduce it to you. And those moments of intensity are our true tests of character. How will we react when our brains are in fight or flight mode? Without thought or planning, we risk lashing out at our loved ones and not only disrupting our routine but also our foundation of trust. And we have to live with the guilt and regret that comes with it.

But what if we simply planned for those moments and discussed how we were going to cool down with our families. 

We could have the chance to bring our best selves to most testing times in life.

-( Ref: confidentparentsconfidentkids.org)

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