Kerala Technology Expo 2024: A Sneak Peek into Future Innovations

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the cutting-edge realm of technology at the Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024 – India’s premier gathering of innovation and technology. From February 29 to March 2, 2024, the Calicut Trade Centre in Kozhikode will host this groundbreaking event, poised to bring about a transformative shift in both the technological and economic landscape of the country.

KTX 2024: A Brief Introduction

Prepare for the grand unveiling of Kerala Technology Expo 2024, an eagerly anticipated annual premier event presented under the distinguished banner of Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative 2.0 (CITI 2.0). This unique gathering is a meticulously crafted convergence point, seamlessly bringing together various industry horizontals and verticals, aligning with the dynamic trends shaping the Malabar region. Far beyond being a mere showcase, this expo takes on the role of a pivotal B2B connect event, skillfully weaving intricate links between the Indian technology ecosystem and the expansive Middle East technology community.

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KTX Global Wave 2024 is a platform to connect, learn, grow, and surf the global wave of tech innovation.


  • Connect with peers and decision-makers
  • Gain global tech insights
  • Discover international business opportunities
  • Expand your network and brand visibility


  • Showcase your innovations to a global audience
  • Network with industry leaders and mentors
  • Dive into Kozhikode's emerging tech hub
  • Gateway for your global ambitions

Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative 2.0 (CITI 2.0)

In a strategic alliance comprising nine key stakeholders and with the robust backing of the Malabar Chamber of Commerce (MCC), a transformative initiative has taken shape. United in purpose and in collaboration with the Calicut Forum for IT (CAFIT), IIM Kozhikode, NIT Calicut, Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL), Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAl), Kerala, and Calicut Management Association (CMA), these entities are spearheading a systematic exploration of Kozhikode’s immense potential.

Their collective vision is clear: to elevate Kozhikode to the status of an aspirational hub in emerging India. This ambitious undertaking is not only a testament to the commitment of these stakeholders but also a reflection of their belief in the city’s untapped possibilities.

The collaboration between Government Cyberpark Kozhikode and UL Cyber Park, Kozhikode (ULCC), has given rise to a pioneering society known as CITI 2.0, shorthand for Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative. This society emerges as a cornerstone, symbolizing the amalgamation of expertise, resources, and aspirations for the greater good of Kozhikode.

CITI 2.0 is more than an initiative; it’s a collective force driving change and innovation. With the esteemed support of its key stakeholders, this society is poised to become the catalyst for a technological and economic renaissance in Kozhikode. As the city’s potential is systematically explored and harnessed, CITI 2.0 stands as a beacon, guiding Kozhikode towards a future where it not only realizes its potential but also sets the standard as a thriving hub in the landscape of emerging India. The journey has just begun, and CITI 2.0 is steering the way toward a brighter, technologically advanced future for Kozhikode.

Exploring the Essence of CITI 2.0 :

Visionary Collaboration

CITI 2.0 embodies a visionary collaboration between nine key stakeholders and influential organizations, uniting their expertise and resources to chart a transformative course for Kozhikode.

Backed by Influential Bodies

With the unwavering support of the Malabar Chamber of Commerce (MCC), CITI 2.0 has a solid foundation. This backing not only lends credibility but also underscores the strategic importance of the initiative.

Aspirational Hub for Emerging India

CITI 2.0's overarching goal is to position Kozhikode as an aspirational hub in emerging India. This ambitious vision reflects the collective aspirations and commitment of the stakeholders towards realizing the city's untapped potential.

Calicut Forum for IT (CAFIT)

With the active involvement of CAFIT, CITI 2.0 becomes a dynamic platform where the local IT community contributes to and benefits from the collective vision for Kozhikode's technological advancement.

Discover the diverse horizontals and verticals featured in
KTX Global Wave 2024.

Industry Cloud Platforms
AR/VR & Metaverse
Startups & Scaling Up
Hardware & Robotics
Security & Privacy
Panel Discussions
Fire-side Chats
Fire-side Chats
Networking Sessions
Expert Workshops
Cultural Extravaganza
Kozhikode Heritage Walk
Decoding Kozhikode
Dive into sessions covering
diverse topics, including
crafting startups for a
global audience and scaling
technology enterprises in
Tier-3 regions of India.
Explore the expansion of tech ventures to Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, and learn about harnessing the unique advantages of the Malabar ecosystem and Kozhikode city for the IT and innovation industry
These sessions appeal to professionals across both IT and non-IT sectors, engaging individuals at various career stages, from early-career enthusiasts to seasoned executives, who share a common interest in the dynamic technology industry
Key Highlights of

KTX stands out as a unique combination of innovation and technology, as mentioned earlier. Here are some noteworthy features of KTX 2024:

Diverse Industry Representation

KTX 2024 features a comprehensive array of industries, ranging from information technology and healthcare to agriculture and renewable energy. The diverse representation underscores the expo’s commitment to capturing the pulse of innovation across various sectors.

Innovative Solutions in Information Technology

At the heart of the expo lies a showcase of groundbreaking solutions in information technology. From artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to data analytics and smart automation, KTX 2024 spotlights the latest innovations shaping the IT landscape.

Startups and Entrepreneurship Spotlight

KTX 2024 serves as a launchpad for startups, providing a platform to showcase their innovations. The event fosters an environment of entrepreneurship, connecting startups with potential investors, collaborators, and industry leaders.

Strategic Global Engagement

The expo recognizes the significance of global collaboration, actively seeking partnerships with tech hubs and thought leaders worldwide. Through information sharing, resource exchange, and potential joint projects, KTX 2024 expands Kozhikode’s horizons and positions it as a player in the global IT sector.

Embarking on a Technological Odyssey: Kerala Technology Expo 2024 - A Symphony of Innovation Begins Now!
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Kerala Technology Expo 2024, orchestrated by CITI 2.0, is poised to be a spectacle of innovation, where diverse industry elements converge, and regional nuances take center stage. As it unfolds, this expo not only showcases the future of technology but also facilitates collaborations that transcend borders. Join us on this enchanting journey as Kerala Technology Expo 2024 unveils the transformative power of technology and connectivity.